Fashion Forward

"The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward."
--Oscar de la Renta

While it's true that fashion does, indeed, always look forward, what might surprise you is that fashion forward thinking exists not only in New York, Paris, and Milan but also in the great country of Canada.  

Yes, the Canadian fashion community is a strong one, made up of innovative designers, top-notch models, and fashion aficionados from Quebec to Manitoba, Nova Scotia to British Columbia. When Canadian fashion trends break, you'll read all about it right here. 

Cleverly Simple ​boutique llc

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."  — Yves Saint-Laurent

Fall/Winter Trends

When the cold weather comes is the perfect time to get creative with your fashion choices. Dump the frumpy sweater and over-sized hockey jersey. Instead, think bold fall colors and a tailored fit that lets you... ​

Fashion For Pre-teens

They too should be in fashion, with spring just around the corner we have the perfect capris.  Stop by as we will be adding a few more things for your princess.

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